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Aggressive But Nuanced Representation That Gets Results

In matters that may seem rather straightforward, important rights may be overlooked without experienced legal advice. At Schefman & Associates, PC, you are assured of experienced representation when a serious personal injury has interrupted your life — physically, financially or emotionally.

A personal injury case is more than suing someone who injured you. It requires a complete understanding of injury law, insurance law and medical provider claims in Michigan. It requires knowing when to be aggressive and when to be diplomatic. Our talented attorneys and staff take the steps necessary to ensure that you receive the care you need, that it gets paid for, and that you are not left “holding the bag.”

Trust An Experienced Professional

Our founding attorney, Bryan L. Schefman, brings 38 years of experience as a trial lawyer, insurance CEO, and general counsel. We are committed to obtaining justice for you whether you are an injured victim or a medical provider. To learn more about our attorneys and staff, read their biographies here:

Our firm has experience in many different practice areas. They include:

Guiding You With An Iron Fist In A Silk Glove

Our successful track record in person injury litigation combines strength and fortitude with subtlety and tact. The insurance companies know Bryan Schefman as a formidable trial lawyer who will come prepared for a courtroom battle. They also know him as a consummate professional they can work with. There are times when we have to wield the “iron fist,” striking first and striking hard to put our clients in a strong position to win. And there are times when our nuanced knowledge of the law and the “silk glove” approach can bring the other party to see reason. We have the skill and wisdom to switch gears at different stages to bring a greater show of force or extend the olive branch as the situation merits. Our approach is always grounded in the best interests of our client in their pursuit of justice.

Ride With An Attorney Who Knows Motorcycles

As an avid motorcycle rider himself, Bryan has a special connection with victims of motorcycle accidents. He understands the dangers that even the most conscientious bikers face. He has seen the life-changing injuries. He is well-versed in the insurance considerations. Few lawyers have the personal insight and the legal skill to do justice in these cases.

Call Today To Get Started

Schefman & Associates, PC has collected millions of dollars for our clients using our knowledge of insurance and the claims process, to produce substantial settlements. Contact our office in Bloomfield Hills at 248-800-1665 today for a free consultation or fill out our contact form. There is no fee unless we win your case.