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A Knowledgeable Ally Protecting Your Medical Lien Rights

Protecting Michigan medical providers’ lien rights in auto accident coverage cases is essential for medical providers to recover money for services against the insured’s no-fault policy. Providers can enter into assignment benefits after they become due and may have a lien enforced if they have taken the right steps.

For issues related to medical provider recovery and payment, parties should be well-represented by experienced counsel. Schefman & Associates, PC, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, is a skilled law firm. Attorney Bryan L. Schefman has practiced law for 38 years, representing medical provider clients in lien protection cases throughout the Detroit metro area and the state, defended them in medical malpractice cases, and achieved millions of dollars in settlement and trial victories.

Sound Guidance, Great Results

A skilled attorney can increase your reimbursement for medical services. Whether negotiating with or litigating against insurance companies in court, Mr. Schefman knows how to get the job done by providing the professional legal representation you need. He and his team provide sound guidance and solid support during every phase of the lien protection legal process. This includes whether an insured plaintiff is Medicare-eligible or covered under no-fault workers’ compensation.

You need advice about timing the lawsuit, the notice to adjusters and the implications of the “one-year back” rule that states you must sue or be party in a suit within one year of the date since the services were provided, or your claim may be denied. Our team will help.

We Protect Your Rights, So Call Now

Medical providers rely on liens to obtain their share of insurance proceeds after treating a patient. But sometimes they face challenges in collecting. With an insider’s perspective of the insurance industry, Schefman & Associates, PC, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, can provide you with the legal assistance that you need to protect your medical lien rights. For a free consultation contact us online or call 248-800-1665.