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Helping Truck Accident Victims Overcome Legal Hurdles

Catastrophic injuries are nearly inevitable in a truck accident. Your car, pickup or motorcycle are no match for a big rig weighing several tons. Who can answer your questions and guide you through such a difficult and heartbreaking experience?

You need a skilled attorney who understands the federal laws governing truck operations, and the best way to pursue legal action in personal injury and wrongful death situations related to truck accidents. Schefman & Associates, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, has represented clients in the Detroit metro area and throughout the state taking on the trucking companies. Founding attorney Bryan L. Schefman has practiced law for 38 years. He’s knowledgeable, understanding, effective and aggressive.

Thorough Investigations, Solid Legal Advice

When a truck accident occurs, negligence can be attributed to a number of parties. Mr. Schefman and his team will perform a thorough investigation of your case, seeking expert testimony and witness accounts and making sure you are getting proper medical treatment. Knowledge of the law is also critical.

The cause of a truck accident can lie with:

  • Truck drivers: Some may be tired and drowsy from long hours, reckless on the road, or high on controlled substances such as marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine.
  • Transportation companies: Such businesses may not properly train their employees on safety matters, and also may induce excessive pressure upon their drivers to meet unrealistic deadlines.
  • Freight and loading companies: Improperly loading the trucks can lead to unbalanced freight, causing the weight to shift and the vehicle to rollover.

Traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are among the more serious injuries sustained by people in truck accidents. Mr. Schefman and his team will fight for you to secure the compensation that you deserve for pain and suffering, medical costs and lost wages. And we will take on the insurance companies that neglect their responsibility.

Free Consultations From A Knowledgeable Attorney

Truck accidents can lead to serious and catastrophic injuries or fatalities. If you are the victim in such an accident, Schefman & Associates, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, has the knowledge and experience to help you overcome this situation. For a free consultation, contact our firm online or call 248-800-1665.