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Securing Payments When Medicare And No-Fault Collide

Are you a physician seeking payment for providing medical care to an injured patient over the age of 65? When a Michigan medical provider’s patient is 65 or older or on disability, and is seriously injured in an auto accident, the provider is not limited to Medicare’s payment. Medical providers should be paid for their services and have their provider claims paid by the no-fault carrier at charges.

Providers need knowledgeable legal representation from a law firm that has a complete understanding of how injury law, insurance law, medical provider claims, and Medicare can converge in the same case. Schefman & Associates, PC, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, has the skills that you will need. With 38 years of legal experience, attorney Bryan L. Schefman and his team are knowledgeable and aggressive. They get results.

Gaining Advantage With A Solid Law Firm

Medical providers need experienced representation that ensures prompt payment for their work whether attempting to collect against a private plan or an employer’s ERISA plan, or to recover a conditional payment under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act. We assist in determining priority between coordinated policies.

As former general counsel, president and chief executive officer of a local insurance health plan, Mr. Schefman applies his knowledge and experience to your advantage. He knows that Medicare offers conditional payments and a “hammer” that insurance companies don’t like – in other words, “double damages.” And Mr. Schefman has achieved precedent-setting legal opinions from the US 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, breaking ground to ensure provider rights.

Call A Reliable Attorney Now

If you are a medical provider and have auto claims denied where there may be Medicare coverage, you need a reliable and experienced law firm. Schefman & Associates, PC, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, is an experienced law firm that has guided many clients for more than three decades. Our team offers free consultations, so please contact us online or call 248-800-1665.