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3 reasons traumatic brain injuries are often quite costly

Car crashes can result in numerous injuries, some of which may have more drastic consequences than others. People can very easily injure their brains during car crashes due to violent vehicle movement or hitting their heads during the collision.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) range from mild injuries that cause no permanent damage to severe injuries that leave people dependent on life support. Moderate to severe TBIs are among the most expensive medical issues caused by modern motor vehicle collisions. Many people eventually realize that insurance isn’t enough to cover all the costs generated by a TBI. What makes brain injuries so expensive?

Significant lifetime medical expenses

A moderate to severe brain injury may require immediate trauma care after a collision. The injured person also faces a lifetime of ongoing support needs. Whether they require rehabilitative support or skilled nursing care in their own homes, the costs could add up quickly. Depending on someone’s age and the severity of their injuries, the lifetime medical costs of a TBI can be anywhere from $85,000 to over $3 million.

Accommodation expenses

Brain injuries can cause a host of different symptoms. Some people have drastic changes in their personalities. Others experience changes to their sense of balance or their sensory perception. Issues with motor function and cognition are also common. People may require a host of different accommodations, from vehicles they can operate without their feet to accessible bathrooms and kitchens. The cost to modify vehicles and homes to be more accessible can be tens of thousands of dollars. People have to cover those costs every time they buy a new house or upgrade to a new vehicle.

Lost earning potential

Whether someone works in sales or in an industrial facility, a TBI could force them to stop working. Their symptoms and functional limitations can impact their job performance or render them incapable of safely fulfilling job responsibilities.

Those adjusting to life with a TBI or supporting a loved one with a brain injury after a car crash may need financial support. Filing an insurance claim or pursuing a personal injury lawsuit can help those with brain injuries cover the many financial losses they may incur.