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Insurance payouts versus injury claims following a collision

If another Michigan motorist hits your vehicle, you may be in for an arduous recovery, especially if you suffer moderate to severe injuries. Many misguided people think that an insurance payout will take care of all their needs following a collision. Even if you have a legal advocate acting on your behalf, there are maximum payout amounts available, which the insurance company cannot exceed. In short, an insurance payout is not going to automatically resolve all your financial problems after an accident.

The problem is that the settlement you agree to might not be enough to cover all your expenses associated with the collision that resulted in injuries. This may be especially true if you suffered a spinal cord or traumatic brain injury in a crash. Such injuries may require extensive medical care for months, which is expensive, even if you have a solid healthcare plan.

Was the other driver’s negligence the causal factor in the collision?

What if you’re left “holding the bag” for expenses after a collision because the insurance payout you receive falls short of the total amount you have calculated as necessary to meet your medical and household needs? For instance, you might have to take time off work during recovery. If the wreck totaled your car, you might have to purchase a new vehicle, as well.

If your injuries are severe, you might need a visiting nurse to help with daily care. An injury to your brain or spine might require surgery. You might also have to spend time in an assisted living facility for rehabilitation, in between surgery and going home from the hospital. Thinking that you will be able to rely on an insurance settlement alone to help cover such costs could be a big mistake.

What are your options after a collision?

Perhaps you have evidence to prove that the other driver involved in the collision that caused your injuries was dealing with a distraction at the wheel, intoxication or otherwise disregarded traffic laws or safety regulations moments before the crash. You can present this information to a civil court judge, who is then able to hold the other person fully accountable for his or her actions.

Litigation associated with a motor vehicle collision is often complex and stressful. You will have to discuss the accident in detail, perhaps multiple times. Many recovering victims ask a legal advocate to speak and act on their behalf in court. This is less stressful and often increases a plaintiff’s chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.