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Understanding Michigan’s car accident laws

In 2021, more than 282,000 car accidents happened on Michigan roads. Of those, nearly 52,000 caused injuries, and more than 1,100 resulted in fatalities. It’s important to understand the state’s laws regarding car accidents and obtaining financial relief so that one is better prepared to pursue recovery of monetary damages stemming from a vehicle accident caused by someone else. 

Michigan is a no-fault state 

Every vehicle owner in Michigan must carry certain amounts of no-fault insurance to cover medical expenses, lost wages, property damage and other financial losses victims incur as a result of a crash. The following are the minimum insurance requirements drivers must have to legally operate a motor vehicle in the state: 

  • Personal injury protection — Covers all “reasonably necessary” medical treatment and expenses arising from an accident along with a percentage of lost wages, up to 85%. 
  • Property protection — Covers up to $1 million for damage one’s vehicle causes to other people’s property. 
  • Residual liability insurance — Covers bodily injury and property damage and protects the insured from being sued due to a crash. 

Although drivers can purchase coverage for higher limits, the minimum no-fault policy will cover the following if the policyholder is found to be at fault: 

  • Up to $20,000 for those injured or killed 
  • Up to $40,000 for each accident if several individuals are involved 
  • Up to $10,000 for property damage 

A no-fault insurance policy will cover all family members in a household, and policyholders may purchase additional coverage that can include collision and comprehensive insurance, limited property damage liability insurance, and towing and rental car coverage. 

Consulting an attorney 

Coverage and policy limits can be confusing, and car owners need to consult with their insurance companies to understand what they need to carry and the additional coverage they can purchase. A personal injury attorney can also help with those decisions. A lawyer can also assist anyone in Michigan who suffered injuries or losses in motor vehicle accidents caused by other drivers to help ensure they get the maximum amount of compensation to which they are entitled.