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Multi-vehicle crash claims 2 lives

Many people suffer serious or fatal injuries in car crashes in Ohio. Sometimes, the accident itself does not cause the injuries, but an incident that happens afterward. For instance, when motorists involved in a crash exit their vehicles to survey the damage and wait for help, they place themselves at risk of being struck by passing vehicles. Such seems to be the case in a recent multi-vehicle crash in Detroit that claimed the lives of two people. 

Accident details 

Around 2:25 a.m. the morning of Aug. 27, two vehicles got in a wreck on I-94. The driver of a Ford Fusion lost control and slammed into the center barrier. It was then struck from behind by a Kia. A driver in a Dodge Charger stopped to help. As they were all standing outside the wreckage, a Jeep Liberty came along and struck the two who had been in the Ford Fusion. The crash also involved a black Kia SUV and a GMC SUV. 

The two individuals who were in the Ford Fusion were killed in the collision. Police also arrested the Jeep driver under suspicion of driving while impaired. The driver of the Kia SUV was taken to a local hospital for treatment of unspecified injuries, and the report stated the driver was to have blood drawn, ostensibly to determine his or her level of alcohol impairment. None of the other drivers or passengers suffered injuries in the crash. 

Seeking compensation 

As they deal with their loss, the surviving families of the two deceased victims retain the right to pursue wrongful death claims against the Jeep driver. Although they can pursue a civil claim in the absence of criminal charges against the driver, such evidence may only strengthen their case. In order to fully understand their rights and options for obtaining monetary relief, they should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney in Michigan for assistance.