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3 injured in multi-vehicle accident near Eastpointe

Traffic signals exist in order to help control the flow of traffic safely along city streets. While most drivers heed traffic signals and stop at red lights like they’re supposed to, others either don’t realize the light has turned red or simply disregard the light for whatever reason. Of course, when drivers fail to stop at traffic lights, serious accidents can result, which is what apparently happened in Michigan recently near the border of Eastpointe and Detroit.

Accident details

The accident occurred sometime in the afternoon of Friday, April 8. The crash happened at the intersection of Hayes and Eight Mile and involved several vehicles. One of the vehicles involved was a Terminix truck that reportedly spilled a powdery substance on the road. HAZMAT crews were called in to clean up the spill.

The report states that three people were injured in the crash. All three were listed in critical condition, with two of the victims’ statuses as temporary serious condition. According to the Detroit Police Department, one of the vehicles, which was carrying three people, failed to stop at a red light and allegedly caused the crash.

Legal recourse for victims

No word was given as to which vehicles those injured were in at the time of the accident. Nevertheless, those injured in this avoidable accident reserve the right to pursue legal claims against the alleged at-fault driver in an attempt at recovering damages. To increase their chances of obtaining the most favorable outcome possible, those adversely affected by this crash should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney in Michigan who has a great deal of experience handling catastrophic personal injury claims.