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Driver in stalled vehicle killed by truck

When their car breaks down on the side of a Michigan road, most people in Michigan know to exit the vehicle and remain as far away from the stalled vehicle as possible for safety reasons. However, due to inclement weather, surrounding topography or some other reason, some people cannot really leave their cars to wait for help. If that’s the case, many authorities suggest people sit in their vehicle with their seat belts engaged and wait for assistance. Despite apparently following these suggestions, one motorist in the state was killed after his or her car was struck on the side of the road by a tractor-trailer. 

Accident details 

Around 6:30 a.m. on March 23., a driver was sitting on the side of Interstate 94 in a stalled vehicle. The driver was not identified, nor was a reason given as to why his or her car was parked on the shoulder of the highway. Regardless, the driver’s vehicle was struck by an out-of-control 18-wheeler. The crash happened in Ypsilanti Township near Grove Street. 

The impact caused life-threatening injuries to the driver in the parked vehicle, and the person was declared dead at the scene. No word was given as to whether the truck driver suffered injuries. It was noted that the truck driver lost control of the rig while swerving to avoid hitting another car that had cut the tractor-trailer off. The accident is still under investigation. 

Legal recourse for victims 

Although the truck driver claims he or she was trying to avoid an accident, ironically leading to the fatal crash, that information has not been verified as of the report. If the evidence suggests the truck driver was somehow acting negligently or recklessly behind the wheel, the surviving family of the deceased motorist may elect to pursue wrongful death claims against the truck driver, his or her employer, and anyone else who has ownership interest in the truck. Affected parties will want to work closely with a personal injury attorney in Michigan to gain a full understanding of their rights and options.