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Several multi-car accidents in Detroit area

Many Michigan residents are used to inclement weather in the winter. The state sees a substantial amount of snowfall each year, and most drivers understand they must slow down and take extra precautions when driving in winter conditions to avoid an accident. However, some drivers all but ignore the conditions and drive as they normally would. Unfortunately, this can lead to accidents, often involving multiple vehicles, as has been the case along with I-94 corridor recently.

Four multi-car accidents

On Sunday, Feb. 13, officials responded to no less than four multi-vehicle accidents in the Detroit area. Most of the crashes happened on interstates I-94 and 1-96 as well as the 696 bypass. In one crash, more than 50 vehicles were involved, and the wreck caused injuries to at least 17 individuals. Also, one pedestrian suffered critical injuries after being struck by a vehicle as he was checking the damage to his own car following the accident.

With nearly white-out conditions between Macomb and Wayne counties, drivers had a tough time traveling to their destinations. While most drivers know to slow down in such conditions, the report stated that most of the accidents occurred due to driver error. One witness stated that drivers continue to tailgate, text and engage in other negligent and reckless behavior behind the wheel despite the road conditions.

Legal recourse for victims

The report did not specify the total number of vehicles involved in the various crashes or how many total people suffered injuries. Still, the report did mention the critically injured pedestrian and others who suffered injuries in a crash that day. Those in Michigan adversely affected by an accident allegedly caused by another driver’s negligence or wrongdoing can consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to help them successfully navigate a civil claim to pursue recovery of monetary damages.