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Early morning car crash critically injures 3 teens

The impetuousness of youth causes young people to do things that may seem fun and exciting at the time but can have dire consequences later. One such activity is joy riding, which usually involves stealing a vehicle and riding around in it simply for the thrill of it. However, those who engage in this sort of activity rarely follow the rules of the road and end up causing an accident. This seems to be what happened in Detroit recently, and now three teens are in critical condition following the accident. 

Accident details 

Reports state the accident occurred around 5 a.m. the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 17. Purportedly, the vehicle they were riding in was reported stolen in Redford Township the day before. Whether the teens riding in the car at the time of the accident were the same ones who allegedly stole the car is unclear. 

Nevertheless, for reasons not made clear, the car crashed into a building near the area of 8 Mile Road and Flowerdale Street. The report states that all three occupants of the car were teenagers, and all were transported to the hospital due to serious injuries sustained in the crash. They were listed in critical condition at the time of the news report. 

Legal repercussions 

Since the teens allegedly stole the vehicle and were ostensibly acting irresponsibly behind the wheel to cause the accident, criminal charges against the teens may be forthcoming. The report did not identify the actual driver of the car, but if the other passengers who suffered critical injures in the crash wish to, they can pursue a personal injury claim against the driver in an attempt to recover damages. Because of the unique and alleged criminal events surrounding this particular crash, the injured victims will first want to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to obtain an understanding of their rights and options.