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Tips to avoid distracted driving

With the prolific use of smartphones and other technology, accidents caused by distracted driving have increase precipitously over the past few years. Nearly half a million people are injured or killed by an accident caused by a distracted driver across the nation each year, and authorities are trying to educate the public on the dangers of driving while distracted. Here are some tips one can use to reduce the level of distraction he or she experiences behind the wheel.

Commit to safe driving

Probably the most important thing people can do to avoid distracted driving is making a commitment to always focus on the task at hand and not worry about checking texts, messages and social media while driving. Since driving requires a driver’s full attention, motorists should not try to multitask behind the wheel, which can include putting on makeup, eating, changing the radio station and more.

Keep the phone out of sight

Ostensibly, one of the biggest culprits regarding distracted driving is the use of smartphones and cellphones while operating a vehicle. Many people want to check their messages and texts or post to social media while also attempting to drive. The text can wait, and if not, the driver should pull over to read the message and respond. Drivers should always have their phones on silent mode and resist the temptation to use them while driving.

Plan the route ahead of time

GPS has helped millions of motorists find the best route to their destinations. Both smartphones and interior vehicle navigation systems has a GPS function. However, drivers should plan the route before even getting on the road, and should they need to adjust their route during the trip, they should pull over and re-map the route using GPS. Drivers should never attempt to update the GPS route while traveling at highway speeds.

These are but a few suggestions for avoiding distracted driving and reaching one’s destination safely. Unfortunately, a driver cannot control what other drivers do on the road. Should a motorist become involved in an injury-causing accident caused by a distracted driver, he or she can speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to gain a full understanding of his or her rights under the law for seeking compensation.