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Car strikes child on bicycle in West Bloomfield

Whether going to school or just for fun, many children love to ride their bicycles. Although a great form of exercise and fun for kids, bicycle riding is not without its risks, and all riders should exercise caution when riding their bikes. This case was made evident in early September when a young boy was struck by a car while riding his bike.

Details concerning the incident

News reports did not offer many details regarding the collision, but authorities identified the victim as an 11-year-old boy. Apparently, he was riding his bike to school when the accident happened. The crash occurred on the morning of Wednesday, September 1 in West Bloomfield Township near the vicinity of Commerce and Keith roads.

Officials stated in the report that the child’s injuries were not life-threatening, but they did not offer any details as to any medical care the child received. The report states that the driver of the car that struck the boy was taken into custody but offered no word on the specific charges against the driver. Authorities did not release any other information concerning the incident.

The victim’s rights

As with any type of pedestrian or bicycle accident caused by a motorist, the victim and his family retain the right to pursue a civil claim against the driver in order to pursue recovery of damages resulting from the crash. Since the driver was taken into custody by police, official reports of his arrest may serve as evidence in a civil claim against him. Only after a successful showing of negligence will the court adjudicate the claim and award compensation to the victim.