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2 dead in 2-car crash in Michigan

Two individuals have sadly lost their lives in a tragic accident in Midland County recently. The accident involved two vehicles, and authorities are still investigating the crash. Depending on their findings, those adversely affected may have legal recourse to pursue civil claims against those responsible for the crash. 

Accident details 

Reports state that two people, an 18-year-old man from West Branch and a 22-year-old woman from Gratiot County, were driving along South Meridian Road in a Dodge Avenger when the driver, the 18-year-old man, suddenly lost control of his vehicle and entered into the opposing lane of traffic. There, he struck a pickup truck.  

Both the 18-year-old man and his 22-year-old female passenger were killed, but the driver of the pickup, who was traveling along, sustained no injuries. Authorities from the Midland County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the accident. So far, they do not suspect alcohol or drug impairment played a role in the crash, but they are reserving their official report, pending toxicology reports from the two deceased victims. 

Weather-related cause or negligence? 

The report states that the driver of the Avenger lost control due to wet roads, but officials have not made any statement regarding whether the man was driving too fast for conditions. The investigation is being helped along by various accident reconstruction teams and other state authorities, who will forward their final decision to the Midland County Prosecutor’s Office for review. Should they find the 18-year-old man was acting irresponsibly behind the wheel, the driver of the pickup could bring suit against his estate and anyone else with ownership interest in the car in a pursuit of the recovery of damages associated with this fatal accident.