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Even seemingly minor accidents cause long-term health issues

Many victims of seemingly minor car accidents in Michigan disregard aches and pains if they have no evident bone fractures or open wounds. Many times, the rush of adrenaline disguises discomfort. If they become aware of pain several days later, they might not link it to the car accident. A medical examination immediately after the crash might have allowed diagnosis and treatment of hidden injuries.

Bruising, cuts and scrapes

Some of the most common injuries that people overlook include bruises, cuts and scrapes. Certain bruises will typically appear on impact, but some may not surface for a few days or even several weeks. After the accident, even the worst bruises should fully heal within three to four weeks. However, if large, dark, purple bruises appear unexpectedly, it could be caused by internal bleeding — a potentially life-threatening condition.

Cuts and scrapes are equally prevalent in accidents involving broken windshields or broken windows. They are associated with broken glass. A medical professional can assess if stitches or bandaging are needed in these cuts and scrapes during a medical evaluation after the accident.

Whiplash and soft tissue injuries

Especially during rear-end collisions or side impacts, whiplash is a common injury. A mild whiplash injury heals within one to two weeks, whereas a severe injury may lead to mid- or long-term health effects. Soft tissue injuries can include connective tissue damage, ligament sprains, and muscle strains or sprains. Severe soft tissue injuries could take months to heal.

Shoulder Injuries

One of the more challenging things about shoulder injuries is that they last longer and are more difficult to recover from. A torn rotator cuff, the most common outcome of high-impact car accidents, often results in severe pain. It is common for shoulder injuries to adversely impact a victim’s ability to drive, cook and even deal with their job.

It is never a good idea to decline a trip to the hospital after an accident. It may jeopardize a car accident victim’s chances of recovering financial losses incurred for treatment of injuries that were not linked to the accident. Filing a personal injury lawsuit in a Michigan civil court could not be successful without proof of medical expenses brought about by the defendant’s negligence.