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Are motorcyclists the most vulnerable road users?

Motorcyclists in Michigan and across the country are out in their numbers to enjoy the exhilaration and freedom of the summer and the open roads. Sadly, for many of them, this might be their last summer to do that. Bikers are exceptionally vulnerable because they have hardly any protection, and motorcycle accidents leave many of them with debilitating injuries or worse.

Striking statistics

Motorcycle accidents occur daily in various ways and for multiple reasons. The following statistics underscore motorcyclists’ vulnerability:

  • Compared to motorists, bikers’ risks to die in crashes are 26 times higher.
  • Eight in 10 motorcycle crashes cause injuries.
  • More than 50% of motorcycle vs. auto accidents occur at intersections.
  • Most intersection accidents happen because motorists did not see the motorcyclists.

Motorists are not always to blame

Although many motorcycle accidents are blamed on inconsiderate or inattentive motorists, the following statistics show that motorists are not always involved in motorcycle accidents:

  • More than two-thirds of accidents involving single motorcycles are linked to excessive speed.
  • Four in 10 motorcycle accidents involving no other vehicles result in fatalities.
  • Most single motorcycle accidents occur at corners and turns.

Common motorcycle accidents

Without the protection of seat belts, bikers are typically ejected from their motorcycles. They most frequently suffer injuries including leg and arm fractures, road rash, muscle injuries, and head, neck or spinal trauma.

Victims of motorcycle accidents resulting from other parties’ negligence might have grounds to file personal injury lawsuits in a Michigan civil court. If bikers lost their lives in such accidents, their surviving family members could seek damage recovery by filing wrongful death claims.