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Why Driving During Spring Break is so Dangerous

Families, college students and people across the country, including Michigan, like to take road trips to warmer areas or spend time with family or friends during the annual spring break in Michigan. With most people in lockdown for months, this might be the ideal opportunity to reconnect. However, with more traffic right now, the risks of crossing roads with negligent drivers are also higher. 

Drunk driving is a known risk during spring break 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says over 10,000 fatalities occur nationwide each year, many of them involving impaired drivers. It is possible to avoid impaired driving and still enjoy spring break. However, it is impossible to control how other drivers choose to take to the roads. 

Tips to avoid drinking and driving this spring break 

There are several ways in which drivers can stay out of hospitals and jail cells, all of which require proper planning. Matters to form part of the safety planning include the following: 

  • Do not drive after drinking — even small amounts of alcohol can adversely affect driving abilities. 
  • Be strong — avoid drinks containing alcohol, and drive home sober. 
  • Host the party and make sure none of the guests drive home after consuming alcohol. 
  • Arrange to stay overnight at a hotel or a friend’s place that is nearby the party address. 
  • If there is accessible public transportation, leaving the car behind could be a safe option. 
  • Best friends are those who stop impaired friends from getting behind the wheel. 
  • Ask a relative or friend who is not at the same event for a drive home. 

What if? 

What legal rights do victims of drunk driving accidents have? Any victims, even the passengers of an impaired driver, will be entitled to pursue financial relief. They can file personal injury lawsuits against the drunk driver in a Michigan civil court. Similarly, if a life is lost in a DUI accident, the surviving family members could file a wrongful death lawsuit. Monetary judgments in successful claims typically cover documented financial and emotional damages.