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Michigan News: Mother Dies Protecting Twin Sons in Deadly Car Crash

Sharing Michigan roadways with negligent drivers is a risk that could have devastating consequences. A tragic vehicle accident near Davison, Michigan on a recent Monday claimed the life of a 29-year-old mother who was heading home with her 5-year-old twin sons in the car. According to the Michigan State Police, the incident occurred at an entrance ramp to I-96.

The mother saved her twins

Reportedly, the mother selflessly threw her body across the twins to protect them. Her body prevented the impact of the collision from hitting the twins. However, it put her body in a position to receive the full force of the crash caused by another driver who smashed into the rear of her car. Sadly, the injuries she suffered were fatal.

Negligent driver flees accident scene

Further reports by the Michigan State Police indicate that the 25-year-old driver of the second vehicle failed to remain at the accident scene. However, law enforcement caught up with him at an area hospital where he sought medical attention. Officers say the man claimed to have stopped at a gas station, from where somebody else took him to the hospital.

The other driver’s criminal record

Reportedly, the driver who fled the scene had been convicted twice before for driving while his license was suspended. Furthermore, there were two warrants for his arrest, along with five current suspensions.

The deceased driver’s surviving family members will likely have grounds for filing a wrongful death lawsuit in a Michigan civil court. Proving negligence on the part of another party could be difficult. However, the fact that the other driver fled the scene and his current legal standing will likely count in favor of the plaintiffs in a related civil court claim.