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Why Bikers are the Most Vulnerable Drivers on the Road

Compared to motorists, bikers are more likely to suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries in collisions with cars. Motorcyclists have no cab, seatbelts or airbags to protect them. Although a helmet protects the head from penetration wounds, brain trauma can occur in the event of a motorcycle accident. In Michigan and elsewhere, the smaller size of motorcycles makes them less visible.

Typical injuries with which motorcycle crash victims are hospitalized include the following:

  • Severe head trauma and traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord damage that causes paralysis
  • Severe back injuries
  • Fractured bones that need surgery and years of treatment or therapy
  • Death at the crash scene or by succumbing to injuries later

Motorcyclists need more skills than motorists to avoid being crash victims. Although impaired riders often cause their own deaths, those committed to safe riding could still end up in hospitals after accidents caused by the negligence of others.

Bikers who take the following precautions increase their chances of arriving their destinations safely:

  • Never drive without the required license.
  • Practice riding in all different circumstances and weather conditions.
  • Know how weather and loads affect the bike’s performance.
  • Maintain tires, brakes, fluid levels and lights in peak mechanical shape.
  • Wear a certified protective helmet, body gear, gloves and boots.
  • Add reflective items to be more visible.
  • Ride the motorcycle responsibly and comply with traffic laws.
  • Never ride after consuming alcohol or use of drugs.

Even with taking all these precautions, bikers in Michigan will always be at risk of being motorcycle accident victims. If there is evidence of another party’s negligence, the injured motorcyclist might have grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit. The surviving family members of a deceased crash victim could pursue financial relief by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.