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Staying Awake Important Issue for OTR Drivers

Michigan big-rig drivers who haul cargo across state lines have to find ways to combat dozy driving and fatigue. The long hours of concentration and physical exertion to maintain control of an 18-wheeler, semi or another large truck could cause fatigue. Despite the strict laws regulating the hours they may drive, truck accidents continue to cause severe injury or death to other road users.

  • Avoid getting too tired: Experienced truckers recommend frequent naps before exhaustion sets in.
  • Recovering from fatigue: Resting at more frequent intervals allows drivers to be more alert after sleeping.
  • Bright lights at night: Avoid looking directly at the headlights of other vehicles when driving at night.
  • Dim the dash lights: The contrast between the dashboard lights and the cab’s darkness causes tired eyes and sleepiness.
  • Keep the cab cool: Although higher cab temperatures can take the chill out of the bones, it could also reduce alertness.
  • Avoid emotions from taking over: Arguments or irritations cause an overload of emotion, taking the focus off the road.
  • Avoid stimulant overloads: A cup of coffee or an energy drink could be refreshing, but mixing different caffeine-containing beverages could be dangerous.
  • Caffeine dangers: Truckers should not drink coffee to stay awake longer; it does not replace sleep.
  • Snacks can boost energy: Small meals or snacks can boost energy, but overdoing it could be unhealthy and cause sleepiness.

All these and more cause fatigue in big-rig drivers. It is crucial for passenger vehicle drivers in Michigan to drive defensively and be particularly alert when sharing the highways with large trucks. Truck accidents could be catastrophic, but they are preventable. Crash victims could pursue financial relief by filing personal injury lawsuits if they can establish the truck driver’s negligence.