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How Can Truck Accidents Be Prevented?

The sheer size difference between big rigs and passenger vehicles typically leaves car occupants with life-changing injuries in car vs. truck accidents. However, there are specific precautions drivers can take whenever they share the Michigan highways with semis, 18-wheelers or other large trucks.

Avoid blind spots

Truck drivers may not see smaller vehicles that place themselves too close to their trucks’ sides, front and back. These blind spots are called “no-zones,” and drivers can keep in mind that if they cannot see the big-rig driver in the side-view mirror, the trucker can also not see them.

Do not cut off trucks

When drivers of passenger vehicles cut into the trucker’s lane too closely, the truck driver might not see them and will likely not be able to stop quick enough to avoid striking the car that cut in too closely.

Take care when passing a truck

When passing, the driver should wait until the truck is visible in the rearview mirror before moving into the trucker’s lane. It is also a bad idea to pass a big rig on a downgrade where it picks up speed.

Avoid tailgating

Traveling too close behind a truck poses two risks. The car will be in the no-zone, and if the truck stops suddenly, the car could slide or be pushed under the truck.

Understand the differences

Big rigs take longer to come to a halt and to accelerate. Furthermore, tractor-trailers need extra space when they turn at intersections, and drivers must recognize this and allow space for a wide turn.

Although these precautions might keep motorists safe, accidents will continue to happen. Any victims of car vs. truck accidents in Michigan may have grounds to seek damage recovery by filing personal injury lawsuits in a civil court.