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I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve survived near-critical injuries in cars and motorcycles. I’ve experienced severe injury – the confusion of insurance coverages, finding doctors to treat my injuries, delays in payments by insurance carriers, and the stress of care and recovery for my family. All of those experiences have given me tremendous insight into understanding of my client’s needs.

In over 37 years of legal practice, I have had the pleasure of representing countless individuals with severe physical and traumatic brain injuries and been fortunate enough to help each of them. Having served physicians, healthcare organizations, and general business, I have been able to combine my knowledge of personal injury law and recovery, insurance law and operations, and personal experience to help clients navigate the insurance maze and win millions of dollars in settlements and multi-million-dollar verdicts.

If you’re an attorney, you can depend on me to help your own clients. If you have been injured, call me today.


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