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Be alert, in control and slow down to prevent winter accidents

Michigan is one of the most dangerous states in which to drive in harsh weather conditions. Severe weather like rain, ice and snow requires drivers to be alert at all times. It is crucial to be aware of what goes on because braking distances on slippery roads are compromised. It increases the risks of car accidents significantly, and if the vehicle’s tires are worn, the risks are even higher.

Furthermore, increased following distances must be maintained to ensure safe braking in emergencies. A large percentage of bad-weather crashes are rear-end accidents where following distances were insufficient. These are particularly prevalent in city areas where high traffic volumes increase the risks.

Black ice is another dangerous safety hazard often encountered on bridges and in areas where the roadway is in the shade and cooler than other areas. Additional caution is required when snow plows are encountered. The blowing snow restricts visibility and sightlines, and attempting to pass snow plows could be deadly.

Besides being alert and maintaining safe following distances, driving at lower speeds is crucial. The posted speed limits are for perfect conditions, and drivers must adjust their traveling speed to the prevailing weather. In snowy conditions, safety authorities recommend half the posted limit or even lower.

Unfortunately, the negligence of some drivers causes car accidents with devastating consequences. Injured victims may have viable personal injury claims to bring to a Michigan civil court to pursue damage recovery. If proof of negligence is established, a monetary judgment might follow to cover documented financial and other losses like pain and suffering.