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Severe weather poses risks that could cause vehicle accidents

Drivers in Michigan might find driving in wind and rain relatively common, but risks are exacerbated during heavy rain and strong winds. These adverse conditions risk the safety of drivers, their passengers and other road users. It’s crucial for drivers to avoid distractions and keep the focus on the task at hand: driving safely. Understandably, during severe weather conditions driving should be avoided unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Driving in strong wind

Mountainous areas, tunnels and highway overpasses are particularly dangerous in heavy winds, and strong gusts of wind could catch drivers unawares. In particular, drivers of larger vehicles often have difficulty maintaining control in severe weather conditions. All drivers should ensure a firm grip with both hands on the steering wheel.

Driving in heavy rain

Poor visibility and excessive speed are dangerous because sudden stops or having to swerve is difficult in heavy rain. Turning on the headlights can ensure visibility to other drivers. Look out for oil residue and other slick surfaces on the roads, which could cause vehicles to hydroplane. Making sure to increase following distances can give drivers more time to react in emergencies.

Unfortunately, those who take the most care in these circumstances are often the victims of other drivers’ negligence. Victims of such vehicle accidents typically have to deal with long-term medical treatment and therapy, along with lost wages, all adding to financial hardship. The Michigan civil justice system is available for those who want to pursue recovery of monetary damages sustained due to the negligence of others.