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Motorcycle accidents often cause long-term disability

Nothing is as inviting for motorcyclists in Michigan as the arrival of warmer weather. Although accident risks exist for all road users, the injuries suffered due to motorcycle accidents are typically more severe than those suffered by occupants of passenger vehicles. Injuries involving lower limb and head trauma are reported to be most common, while back injuries often cause progressive pain that is not immediately diagnosed.

According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of registered motorcycles nationwide is approximately 6.6 million, excluding scooters. Victims of some motorcycle accidents seek medical treatment for back pain as long as two years after an accident. Motorcycle injuries that cause disabilities often include both physical and psychological trauma.

Examples include spinal cord trauma that causes paralysis and complete or partial limb amputations. Some victims suffer injuries that cause sensory disabilities like deafness or blindness. Neuro-trauma can cause cognitive or physical limitations, and after some motorcycle accidents, victims’ limbs become deformed, causing mobility impairments. Injuries that cause severe disabilities have significant consequences for victims, including psychological, physical and economic trauma.

If the negligence of other parties cause motorcycle accidents, recovery of current and future financial damages might be possible. The process of establishing negligence, which is the basis for personal injury lawsuits, is complicated. Similarly, putting monetary values to documented claims for future expenses along with psychological trauma like pain and suffering could be a daunting task. Many crash victims retain the services of an experienced Michigan personal injury attorney to advocate for them throughout ensuing legal proceedings. Following this route would undoubtedly improve their chances of maximum damage recovery.