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Would you recognize a drunk driver?

Drunk drivers are menaces on Michigan roadways. Learning how to recognize impaired drivers may be the best way to avoid involvement in drunk driving motor vehicle accidents. Although drunk drivers are more prevalent during the holidays, they threaten the safety of other road users year-round.

Drivers who are under the influence of alcohol may weave or drift across traffic lanes as they attempt to stay on the roadway. Impaired drivers often use the vehicle ahead to guide them, and end up tailgating others. They might forget to turn on the headlights or intentionally leave them off and drive slowly to avoid being spotted by law enforcement.

Erratic braking and accelerating are also red flags, and because impairment hampers the reaction times of drivers, their response to traffic signals may be delayed. Another telltale sign of drunk driving is a driver who appears to put his or her face up close to the windshield because whatever the individual sees might be out of focus. Some drivers may even be reckless enough to continue drinking while they are driving.

Despite the effort to spot and avoid drunk drivers, many sober drivers are caught unawares. Those who suffer injuries in motor vehicle accidents caused by drunk drivers might have grounds to file a civil lawsuit. An experienced Michigan personal injury attorney is the best choice to navigate a lawsuit in pursuit of a monetary judgment to cover the client’s documented claims for monetary damages. Along with medical expenses and lost wages, emotional damages like pain and suffering are also recoverable.