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Chronic pain possible after motor vehicle accidents

Even without fractured bones and open wounds, auto crashes can have life-altering consequences. Victims of motor vehicle accidents in Michigan might decline a trip to the hospital because they have no apparent injuries. However, injuries such as a pinched nerve could be hidden in the immediate aftermath of a collision. It may sound insignificant, but it could be as catastrophic as losing the use of a hand, or the sense of smell.

Nerves are essential for carrying information back and forth between the body and the brain. When even a single nerve is compressed or pinched, the flow of information will be compromised. Nerves can become pinched anywhere, not only in the back or spine, and leaving them untreated can have severe consequences. The telltale signs of a pinched nerve could include a pins-and-needles sensation or a numb feeling. There could also be a burning sensation in the area surrounding the pinched nerve.

Pinched nerves can cause the loss of feeling, and the victim might be unable to control certain muscles or have other coordination malfunctions. This could affect a person’s ability to cope with everyday tasks. If a sensory nerve is pinched, the person might lose his or her sense of smell, taste or other senses.

Although the effects of pinched nerves caused by motor vehicle accidents can be treated, it might be a slow recovery with chronic pain and continuing disabilities. If another party’s negligence caused the accident, the victim might be able to recover immediate and future damages. An experienced Michigan personal injury attorney can assist with documenting claims for medical expenses, lost wages and other financial losses along with other damages like pain and suffering.