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Reasons to seek medical care immediately after accident

After a car accident, especially a minor one, it is tempting to avoid medical care. You may even feel fine and think that you do not need to see a doctor. However, even a minor accident can cause medical issues that are not immediately apparent.

According to Immediate Clinic, you should see a doctor after any accident, no matter how minor. Besides ensuring that you are physically okay, seeing a doctor will help you to get documentation for any lawsuit or court situation in the future. You may discover an injury that you would not have found until much later and then been unable to connect to the accident.

Common hidden injuries

There are a few different types of injuries that may have delayed symptoms. Back injuries often take some time to show up, or you may confuse the symptoms of an injury for general soreness. Even if you do not feel a lot of pain, any pain is a sign of something that you need to check out.

Another injury that you may not realize right away is soft tissue injuries. Internal injuries are notoriously difficult to discover because you cannot see them. Unless you have severe pain or some other serious symptom, you may have no clue that you have an internal injury. The only way to be sure that you do not is to see a doctor.

Finally, whiplash is a common delayed injury. Your adrenaline after the accident often prevents you from feeling pain right away, but in the days after your accident, you may begin to really feel the stiffness and pain from whiplash. The only way to be sure that your neck is ok is to get an x-ray.

Popping in to see a doctor after a car accident is something you absolutely should do. It can help uncover hidden issues so that you can ensure that you get reimbursement for your related expenses.