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3 Important Points about Closed and Open Head Injuries

A head injury is something you should always take seriously. While a bump on the head may seem like no big deal, it could be serious. The severity of the damage may not be obvious if you have a closed head injury. On the other hand, if you have an open head injury, it probably looks very serious. For your own safety, you should see a doctor in Michigan for any head trauma. 

According to Northeastern University, if the skull is broken, then you have an open head injury. If there is no open wound, then you have a closed head injury. This is the main difference between the two. However, there are other differences that define each of these. Here is a look at three things you should know about open and closed head injuries. 

1. Open means different things

Basically, any type of wound to the head is an open head injury. However, this does not mean that there has to be a severe break that exposes the brain. An open wound may also be a puncture or a fracture. If the skull suffers a break of any kind, it is an open head injury. 

2. The damage to the brain is often different

In an open head injury, the damage to the brain is often localized. This is because this type of injury typically occurs due to a direct blow to the head in a specific spot. With a closed head injury, the damage often results in multiple areas of the brain because this type of injury usually occurs to a blow that jostles the head. 

3. Both are serious

Both open and closed head injuries are serious. Both can lead to swelling, although the risk is not as severe with an open wound since the extra liquid on the brain from the swelling may drain through the wound. In any case, such an injury may cause long-lasting side effects and damage to your brain. 

If you suffer any type of blow or injury to the head, you should seek medical care right away. You could have a brain injury that requires treatment to prevent further complications.