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Schefman & Associates Is A Leading Personal Injury Firm With 40+ Years Of Proven Results.

Led by founding attorney and lead trial lawyer Bryan L. Schefman, our personal injury team has recovered tens of millions of dollars in cases across Michigan.

Most cases require a balance of force and finesse. We live by the motto “Iron Fist, Silk Glove” in our battles with powerful insurance companies, medical providers, or trucking firms.

Our lawyers know the right tactics that deliver results, protect your rights, and win the compensation you deserve.

We are aggressive and relentless in holding negligent parties accountable for your family’s financial hardships and physical aftermath, striking a balance in strength and sensitivity to secure full compensation for economic loss and your pain and suffering.

Powerful Car Accident And Medical Malpractice Representation In The Detroit Metro And Ann Arbor

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Powerful Car Accident And Medical Malpractice Representation In The Detroit Metro And Ann Arbor

Personal Injury Law

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Medical Malpractice

Serious Injuries

Wrongful Death

For Medical Providers:

Medicare- Eligible Claims

Lien Protection

Millions Recovered For Accident Victims And Families

$3.7 Million

Verdict For Brain Injury From Auto Collision

Our client lost his livelihood when he suffered a traumatic brain injury in a low-impact collision. Attorney Schefman first enforced the client’s no-fault insurance and forced the insurer into settlement with overwhelming medical evidence. The third-party defendant had to be taken to trial, where the jury returned the verdict of $3,717,000.

$3.6 Million

Settlement in Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice case for the failure to diagnose and timely treat thiamine deficiency and prevent the onset of Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome.


Settlement For Fatal Car Accident

A client who lost her husband in a tragic automobile accident stated that she was “grateful for all of the help of Mr. Schefman, who believed in the case, even though my husband made some deadly mistakes.” The case was settled shortly after the required mediation process by the local circuit courts.

Million Dollar Settlements

Million dollar settlements against the no fault insurers for payment of attendant care and residential facilities charges for traumatically injured individuals.

Steering You Through The Insurance Maze

The legal and insurance aftermath of an accident is confusing and stressful.

You may have multiple insurances, with co-pays or deductibles, or conflicts between insurers – who pays – it’s a lot to navigate. It gets even more complicated if your insurer refuses to pay your bills or authorize treatments.

As a founder of a statewide managed care plan, Bryan Schefman has become well-versed in the interplay of insurance coverages and payment disputes as its general counsel and CEO. He and our team know how to fight the insurance companies to hold responsible parties accountable and secure victory for our clients.

Power With Poise: Battling For Full Value For Your Injury Case

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